MiniMan Studio

Create your own custom mini man

Create your own custom Lego miniman to look like yourself or a friend!
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This look great, but I will never try it. I do not to sign up for any service that hides the pricing. Don't want to make pricing big and bold?... fine, but at minimum add a link to the footer.
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Is it legal to sell products named "Lego"? They also look like original Lego.
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@ariel_jedrzejczak Maybe Lego could sue because of the similarity, but I just wanted to point out it doesn't say Lego anywhere except in a disclaimer at the bottom / in the FAQ.

I didn't realize that they can actually make the minifigure you design in the platform. It wasn't obvious to me until I hit done and saw the "Add to cart" button. I was asking myself "Add what to the cart?" I thought the product was just being able to share models you make online. Much more interesting once I knew the whole story, albeit, after the fact.


Super fun


Not enough options Seems a little expensive

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Would be great to purchase see a sticker pack instead of a physical product. Could be a good competitor to Bitmoji.
Is MiniMan still doing custom minifigs?