Minimalist Reddit

A minimalist and distraction-free Reddit πŸ‘½

Reddit without ads, the new design or anything unnecessary. Helps you avoid the Reddit blackhole and be more productive.

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I make things, mostly software
Hey, This is a continuation of my work on re-creating social media sites to discourage getting stuck on a site, without blocking the site entirely. (See Tube) I made this some time last year and it got lost in the pile. I absolutely adore Reddit, but like YouTube, it is a giant time suck. I wanted to dampen the addiction but blocking the homepage meant blocking really quality subreddits and all the info they contained. If only the homepage could go away so... I made it. Like Tube, you get a text box and a button. That's it. You type your search in (in this case, it is a subreddit search) and you're off. The one special thing I did this time was made sure all requests to Reddit were server-side, which means you can block and this site still works! πŸ™Œ
James Welch
nice and simple. would definitely use it if it had more features
nice idea. getting js errors in chrome index.js:2493 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'createElement' on 'Document': The tag name provided ('br/') is not a valid name.