Minimal Wikipedia

Minimal redesign of Wikipedia by Moe Silah

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I'm a fan of minimalist design in many cases but the larger font makes it harder to quickly scan and parse the information. Also does Moe have permission by Wikipedia for this?
@rrhoover when I saw this first (desktop) I instantly thought "this is going to look great on my phone." Agree pretty huge for desktop without a cntl-
Moe Silah writes about the redesign here:
Where is the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button!?
@rrhoover I agree with you but on things like tablets and phones it might be great. I don't know how he's doing it but Wikipedia has a full open API. Side note about PH: Autocomplete of users names is only working to two characters. So @rrh... doesn't work for you. :(
@cdevroe re autocomplete: I think it only works on first names, not usernames :)
@staringispolite Well, that I didn't know. I also didn't know about the reply button, apparently. Awesome. Thanks.
I love this. Looks like it's ready-only features for now, which makes sense for practical reasons, but also use case. @rrhoover I think it's just a tradeoff between legibility and readability. eg, on the bus, I can't steady the screen, so readability and scanning aren't ideal. Also, it's possible you're just used to adjusting to something sub-optimal in the original wikipedia. If I used this regularly, I imagine I'd either be in a more passive "consumption" mode, or start leaning more on browsers' search and the ToC.
@staringispolite I DON'T WANT MY WIKIPEDIA TO CHANGE EVER! Actually... good points, sir. :)