Minimal Twitter

A distraction-free browsing experience for the new Twitter

This theme aims to drastically simplify and declutter the new Twitter UI. Focus on what's important, the tweets!
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Hello fellow Product Hunters and Twitter citizens! I built Minimal Twitter after I realized 5 minutes into the new Twitter design that I hated it. The clutter, the huge navigation labels, the noisy trends and "Who to follow" made it impossible for my ADD brain to focus on using Twitter – reading and engaging with tweets! Taking a page out of @leggett's playbook, I took it upon myself to make a new default Twitter that I could enjoy, using extensions! I released the initial version on the Chrome Web Store last week and iterated on it with help from, of course, Twitter! My initial tweet: This Product Hunt Launch is the result of feedback from many people over a week. Enjoy and let me know what you might like to see for the next version! No promises as I'm looking to keep it simple and maintainable as Twitter may change. I'll take in the most common requests from GitHub: Thanks for stopping by 🤗
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A couple more options on the new design: - Productive Twitter by Sarah Drasner: - If want to revert back to the OLD twitter:
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Thanks for thinking of us FF users - most want to build Chrome extensions.
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@hrbrt Firefox's docs and add-on platform has actually been way more friendly to use! Approval process is straighforward (you can see the queue!). They also port Chrome extensions painlessly
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🐦 trust you to make a twitter plugin 👏🏽 hahah congrats !
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Awesome man!
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pretty nice, much less noise and we get to focus on the main thing , the tweets.
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