Minimal Card Wallet

Customize your own and simplify your wallet.

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Mehdi Izemmour
@izemmour · Founder & CEO @Glitty
I bought a case for my iPhone provided by the same company, it is truly amazing! High quality wood and faithful case. I'll probably buy this Wallet !
Benjamin Saks
@bensaks · Founder, @KerfCase
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Avi Zuber
@avizuber · Product Designer @ Eved
How many cards can you fit in one wallet before it's bulky and whatnot?
Haider Syed
@haidersyed · Co-Founder, Frostbite
I've been wanting to make the transition from a full size wallet to this "minimal card style" wallet for a while now. My only issue was always not being sure about how much cash it can hold without looking too bulky/out of place. The design does look great though. Look forward to hopefully trying it!