Listen to podcasts on your Apple Watch - without an iPhone

MiniCast can send podcast episodes from Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Castro and Pocket Casts to your Apple Watch. Hit the Share icon in your favorite podcast app, send it to your Apple Watch and listen on the go - without taking your iPhone with you!

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Thanks, @__tosh for hunting our app! 🎉 We needed a solution to listen to podcasts on the go. With the Apple Watch and Bluetooth headphones, we have the ideal device with us, but there was no compelling podcast app for watchOS in the App Store. So we built one. As we don’t want to maintain our podcast library and subscriptions in two apps, we integrated MiniCast with four existing iOS podcast Apps: Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Castro and Pocket Casts. Let’s go outside, listen to podcasts - and leave your iPhone inside! We would love to hear your feedback. 😊
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Here's the Story behind MiniCast:
@i_am_fabs Can I send multiple episodes to the watch at once?
@luca Yes you can. Just add the episodes one by one. Downloads will then happen simultaneously
@i_am_fabs Awesome! Thanks.
@__tosh @i_am_fabs Love the idea of not having to download a new podcast app and re-add shows! I'm testing it out with the test episode at the moment and it's really slow and continuously re-starts the download, any thoughts on what's going on?

Apple Watch is a great product and it becomes even better when you don't have to carry your iPhone with you to listen to music. Liberating.


You don't need the iPhone to listen to music & podcasts


Nothing comes to mind

Also, what’s the deal with all the negative reviews in the AppStore? I’m now skeptical of downloading it since it sounds like folks are having issues getting it to actually work
@tom_pryor I was thinking the same thing. After reading this review and went to the App Store and saw a 1.0 rating!
This is a feature I've been looking for since Overcast dropped support for "send to watch" -- excited to try it out on my run tomorrow morning.
Slowly but surely we are becoming less dependant on having the iPhone in the pocket.