Uber for alcohol

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 06, 2014
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Minibar is now LIVE in San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and New York City. We are excited to have everyone try us out and we always love feedback!
UBER ALL THE THINGS! Currently only available in NYC. Neat idea.
@rrhoover We're now live in SF, Chicago, and Dallas too!
In other news, Stylebee (, "Uber for beauty" recently launched. Here's their TC announcement -
Been talking a lot about this in Austin but I don't think the density is here, which is also why Uber isn't here most likely. I was hoping to get around the no sale of liquor on Sundays. Without talking to a lawyer, I was thinking a monthly subscription where you're alotted X number of bottles per month and we just store them for you. You can ask for delivery any day of the week? Probably wouldn't hold up legally but would be fun to try.
Similar to Stylebee -- Beautified (