Mini YouTube

Watch YouTube videos while you scroll to read comments

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2015
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I can't believe something like this isn't natively supported in Youtube. Such a good idea.
@rjun07a Exactly what I thought. Their iOS app has it though.
Thanks guys for loving my little Chrome extension! I created this cause I got frustrated every time I tried to read comments on YouTube while watching the video. Feel free to let me know any suggestions that would make this better :)
I'd wish this and "Floating YouTube" (*) would be combined. I'd prefer to see the progress bar and would love if it was functional, which it isn't in "Floating YouTube". However the possibility to move the overlay around and resize it of "Mini YouTube" is nice. (*)
@boettges Hey Peter, thanks for loving it! I actually just released an update to add the progress bar 10 minutes ago. You should be getting it soon :) Floating YouTube is cool! I'll see if I can do something with them. Thanks for the link!
Very useful. Well done and Thank you.
Very useful. Thanks! I wonder why this has been supported by Youku for quite a while, which is the biggest video player in China but not Youtube.
@zetong_li Yeah, my friend told me about it. YouTube has it on their mobile apps. Not sure why they didn't have this for the web.