Mini-Drink Pool Floats

Fruits and drinks that swim with you.

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And if you want this human sized, go here.
Not bad. Are you customize those?
@whitney_hummel really cool products. Many different fruits vegetables, animals and more are coming out. No customization on the market we see yet.
I bought 2 pineapple drink floaties for $1 each in the Target dollar(s) section. They look to be identical - wondering if you've bought from the same manufacturer - and if so why someone would charge 10x (normally) for them for any reason other than "because we can."
@stttories You may have bought a different size, type, or manufacturer. Keep in mind, Target is a big box retailer who has an open submission policy and constantly looks for new vendors and suppliers at extremely low and competitive prices. Target didn't make the product. Chances are, you bought a float at a dollar a piece because target paid a half of penny for it and made a 1,000% mark-up on you, because they bought them at wholesale. That says a lot about how much they care about manufacturing and labor, sorta like Nike huh? So we'll continue to support small business and respect the people who create these products 'because we can' while you keep supporting companies that pay their employees crumbs and put out statements like these "While every business unit at Target has specific needs and requirements, we look for certified diverse suppliers who can provide innovative, competitively priced goods and services, foster community and economic development, and enhance our ability to deliver SHAREHOLDER VALUE."
@randywebbman You've got a bad attitude. My question was fair, and as an entrepreneur getting defensive is not a great look.