Mini Boat

A mini but full-sized electric boat

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This boat is ridiculously small and a blast to ride. It's also simple to build with its cable-tie and epoxy construction.

It's designed to last a lifetime. It's made from precision cut marine-grade plywood and internal bulkheads provide floatation even when flooded.

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Chris Crompton
Chris Crompton@chris_crompton1 · Growth Marketing, goPuff
The sheer joy in the maker's face on that website should be enough to sell anyone on this.
Ivan Sirditov
Ivan Sirditov@sirditov · Programmer, researcher @placr
Cool, so small and beautiful!
@sirditov as a kid I used to sail on a piece of styrofoam. If I had a bot like this I would become a marine captain xD
Melodi Doran
Melodi Doran@melodidoran · Future Elon Mask
That's really cool!
Jerom Nimo
Jerom Nimo@nimojerom · waiter
Cool! It's so compact! Unbelievable
Bonny Madbunn
Bonny Madbunn@bonnymadbunn · Journalist. Love ad blockers