A modern take on Minesweeper

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You can pay 0.99 to remove the timer but it still has pop-up videos adds?! Lame.
@itsleesimpson We are fixing this!
I like this, but several times I've landed directly on a mine in my first go - I don't remember this happening in the Windows version?
@jbrooksuk It's happened to me before in the Windows version, not very often though.
@jbrooksuk I think you may just be unlucky
Wow, I can't believe someone did this...it's my childhood game! :P One comment is that you might wanna make it clear that classic costs money. e.g. Yes Buy for $0.99 on unlock classic mode dialog
@jennyshen Agreed - we are fixing this
Looks awesome. I am a huge fan of Minesweeper and implemented my own awhile back because the implementations I could find were pretty lousy. @jbrooksuk I disliked that aspect of Minesweeper so much that my version exposes the outermost layer of mine counts, so you don't have to start off the game by guessing and possibly dying instantly. :) Might be a nice feature to implement in this version as well. Mine is open source: https://github.com/taylorhughes/... — and in the App Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...