Mine cryptocurrencies from your laptop or smartphone.

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Nick Abouzeid 🕴@nickabouzeid · Social & Ship at Product Hunt
If I understand this correctly, this is a downloadable mining client for Mac, PC, and Linux computers or an in-browser miner. This isn't a new idea but their approach seems to be simplistic and effective. Kudos! Miner beware: likely, with the number of GPU miners online today, this will not be profitable for you when factoring in how much you spend in electricity to power your relatively weak laptop. I would also worry about damaging your laptop (wear & tear damage from running something at full-tilt for extended periods of time, or overheating) but that's a risk you are deciding to take on. As always, if you want to actually invest in cryptocurrencies, best bet is to just buy some. 💸
cacarr@cacarr · PDX resident. Linux. Gadgets. Puppies.
@nickabouzeid " ... their approach seems to be simplistic and effective." A "simplistic" approach would be an approach that is in some way inadequate, *too simple*, and necessarily *ineffective*. "Simplistic" does not mean _pleasingly simple_, or anything like that. You might be looking for "minimalistic," or just "simple."
Nick Abouzeid 🕴@nickabouzeid · Social & Ship at Product Hunt
@cacarr Simplistic might not have been the best word choice. Minimalistic or simple would work better, you're right. Thanks!
Richard Ginsberg@richardginsberg
Nice product if I can warm up my flux capacitor and set the date to 2011. FYI if you have a 1080Ti expect $3 a day running 100%. All down hill from there with any other configuration.
Kumar Thangudu
@datarade · Technologist
'm curious to see what else people will do with tech like this. I can imagine people renting coworking spaces to take advantage of the electricity costs and plugging in all their computers......
Nick Abouzeid 🕴@nickabouzeid · Social & Ship at Product Hunt
@datarade This has definitely happened but gets shut down relatively quickly from what I hear. Most subleases/rental agreements include some sort of "reasonable use" clause that allows the tenant to back out of the agreement if they catch you 😏
Dale Brose@dalebthinking
@datarade I do co-work and had already considered the idea.
Jared The Dude@jaredepicpower · EVP & Co-founder @ Muxy.io
I'm surprised MinerGate wasn't previously hunted. I've been using it for about a year and have had a lot of success with it.
Alex Kranenburg@alex_kranenburg · @Accenture @Slalom
@jaredepicpower is it successful because of current bitcoin price or better than others services? is there a btc price at which it doesnt make sense to mine?
michael j lambie@mjlambie · Vp product, SocialEdge
@jaredepicpower Jared, what kind of earnings? @Richardginsberg $3 usd / day may be nothing now, but if the coins take a run, and beat inflation, it could be worth far more in days to come. or if fed reserve deflates US currency, that also helps.
Richard Ginsberg@richardginsberg
@jaredepicpower @alex_kranenburg Bitcoin is unmineable without latest ASIC hardware. CPU/GPU/FPGA is bringing a tooth pick, pocket knife and axe to a nuclear armageddon.
Richard Ginsberg@richardginsberg
@mjlambie almost better to take cash spend from power and $500-800 GPU and buy crypto outright.
Alireza Samar@alirezasmr · Professor of Blowing-Your-Mind.
Cool, a question tho, what is the affiliate levels? I can't understand the value of the program.