Mine cryptocurrencies from your laptop or smartphone.

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  • Pros: 

    You get paid, intuitive interface, big (and nice) selection of coins, the service is safe, they develop all the time, decent support service


    Nothing critical.

    First I was discouraged by the fact that the software was detected as a malware by my antivirus, but then I learned that some miners are false positive because they require the access to my hardware. Probably that was the only time when I had problems with MinerGate.

    My experience is quite positive. I mine with CPU and an old graphics card and I can't say that I became a rich man but I have some extra coins in cryptocurrencies thanks to MinerGate. I'm totally happy with it. All this time my earning were kept safe and there were no problems with withdrawals.

    Albert Deupree has used this product for one year.
  • Sergii Safonov
    Sergii Safonovqa engineer

    it runs on every pc where you launch it


    They should start to be fair and not stealing half of user profit

    Then you start mining with minergate you can see that your hash/rating really weak. But then you run any the same script - you can see that your mining profit become twice more

    Sergii Safonov has used this product for one month.


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Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidHiring@nickabouzeid · Words at Product Hunt ✌️
If I understand this correctly, this is a downloadable mining client for Mac, PC, and Linux computers or an in-browser miner. This isn't a new idea but their approach seems to be simplistic and effective. Kudos! Miner beware: likely, with the number of GPU miners online today, this will not be profitable for you when factoring in how much you spend in electricity to power your relatively weak laptop. I would also worry about damaging your laptop (wear & tear damage from running something at full-tilt for extended periods of time, or overheating) but that's a risk you are deciding to take on. As always, if you want to actually invest in cryptocurrencies, best bet is to just buy some. 💸
cacarr@cacarr · PDX resident. Linux. Gadgets. Puppies.
@nickabouzeid " ... their approach seems to be simplistic and effective." A "simplistic" approach would be an approach that is in some way inadequate, *too simple*, and necessarily *ineffective*. "Simplistic" does not mean _pleasingly simple_, or anything like that. You might be looking for "minimalistic," or just "simple."
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidHiring@nickabouzeid · Words at Product Hunt ✌️
@cacarr Simplistic might not have been the best word choice. Minimalistic or simple would work better, you're right. Thanks!
Richard Ginsberg
Richard Ginsberg@richardginsberg
Nice product if I can warm up my flux capacitor and set the date to 2011. FYI if you have a 1080Ti expect $3 a day running 100%. All down hill from there with any other configuration.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduHunter@datarade · Technologist
'm curious to see what else people will do with tech like this. I can imagine people renting coworking spaces to take advantage of the electricity costs and plugging in all their computers......
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidHiring@nickabouzeid · Words at Product Hunt ✌️
@datarade This has definitely happened but gets shut down relatively quickly from what I hear. Most subleases/rental agreements include some sort of "reasonable use" clause that allows the tenant to back out of the agreement if they catch you 😏
Dale Brose
Dale Brose@dalebthinking
@datarade I do co-work and had already considered the idea.
Jared The Dude
Jared The Dude@jaredepicpower · EVP & Co-founder @ Muxy.io
I'm surprised MinerGate wasn't previously hunted. I've been using it for about a year and have had a lot of success with it.
Alex Kranenburg
Alex Kranenburg@alex_kranenburg · @Accenture @Slalom
@jaredepicpower is it successful because of current bitcoin price or better than others services? is there a btc price at which it doesnt make sense to mine?
michael j lambie
michael j lambie@mjlambie · Vp product, SocialEdge
@jaredepicpower Jared, what kind of earnings? @Richardginsberg $3 usd / day may be nothing now, but if the coins take a run, and beat inflation, it could be worth far more in days to come. or if fed reserve deflates US currency, that also helps.
Richard Ginsberg
Richard Ginsberg@richardginsberg
@jaredepicpower @alex_kranenburg Bitcoin is unmineable without latest ASIC hardware. CPU/GPU/FPGA is bringing a tooth pick, pocket knife and axe to a nuclear armageddon.
Richard Ginsberg
Richard Ginsberg@richardginsberg
@mjlambie almost better to take cash spend from power and $500-800 GPU and buy crypto outright.
Alireza Samar
Alireza Samar@alirezasmr · Professor of Blowing-Your-Mind.
Cool, a question tho, what is the affiliate levels? I can't understand the value of the program.