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I have a confession: I've never played Minecraft. I can't get sucked into this right now... must resist.
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@rrhoover Don't resist the actual Minecraft game, it's a lot of fun; not really a game as much as a creative sandbox/infinite virtual world.
@theleovogel @rrhoover Unless you're like me—the kind of person who just likes to open Photoshop and dabble around or sees LEGOs and just starts assembling with nothing quite in mind. Minecraft is raw creative power. I lost weeks, glorious weeks, to it at one point.
@rrhoover Careful. At one point I looked up and it was 3am and I had built a tunnel under the ocean. You can get sucked in.
OK. It might be time for me to finally try Minecraft...
I'm excited to see if Minecraft can make episodic games work where Valve couldn't (cf. Half-Life 2).
This doesn't really play like Minecraft does it? It's a point-and-click game?