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If you're a parent, and you're looking for something fun to try with the kids this holiday, this looks awesome! 🙌
Thanks Justin! This was a fun collaboration between folks at Code.org and the Minecraft Education Team at Microsoft & Mojang. We started with last year's Minecraft Hour of Code (now known as Minecraft Adventurer) and this year allowed students to program behaviors for multiple entities at once (i.e., when this event happens for this type of entity, do A, B, and C). It's been a lot of fun seeing what students have been creating on the final free-play level -- watch out for creepers! It’s been a blast working with the talented artists, engineers, and designers at Microsoft/Mojang again this year, and I hope folks get a chance to try it with their kids!
This is kind of basic but under 7 its pretty cool. I tried it with my 10yo cousin but she didn’t like it 😕
@noxowe thanks for trying it out together, sorry to hear she didn't like it! For some more tutorials to try, including more advanced ones & tutorials that span more than just an hour, check out https://code.org/learn and filter by student experience level 💪
Haha I slightly dislike how people think of Minecraft as a "kids game" when there's a lot of Java development opportunity with mods and other stuff, this is a great way to introduce people to that idea of programming and connecting it to a popular game.