Donate spare CPU power to generate funds & fight COVID-19

#4 Product of the DayApril 20, 2020
MineAMask is a free app for Mac & Windows that uses a small amount of your computer’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency & automatically donate 100% of the generated funds to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
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Hey ProductHunt, a couple weeks ago I came up with the idea for MineAMask when I was messing with a cryptocurrency miner for my own computer. I felt that if everyone could easily pool their resources together and get a miner running easily, we could have a large impact as a community. We've spent the last few weeks building it and both the Mac and Windows apps are now available to download. You can get them from our website or from the Learn More links above. All you have to do is download and run the app on your computer. The more people that download and the longer you leave the app running, the more of an impact we can make. It’s that simple. We will also be posting regular updates of donations made as we clear the wallet and send donations to the WHO. Updates will be linked on our Twitter account and website every Friday. Let me know if you have any questions. Excited to hear your feedback! 😊
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I think this is cool idea but the app needs more transparency. IMO It would be better to see the donated funds going to a smart contract that can be viewed on Etherscan. I think it needs more detail in the FAQ to avoid looking like an exit scam.
@nickcasares Thanks for the feedback, we totally understand the need for more transparency. Unfortunately we aren’t able to display something like Etherscan for our wallet address because for Monero you cannot see transactions for a given wallet address, you can check transaction IDs though which we will provide. We’re using Monero because it generates the most funds on user’s computers because it is a CPU miner. We are working on a system that will display our pool to show how much was mined, our transactions from the wallet to the exchange and the amount donated in USD so it all matches up. Hopefully will have that out this week.
Cool product, do you have a target amount that you are trying to generate and donate?
@heidi_kotilainen great question, thanks for asking - there isn't a specific target amount, but with so many people affected by COVID-19 we want to generate and donate as much as possible to help. The more people download MineAMask, the bigger an impact we as a community can have.
Really interesting product, I think with mostly everyone working remotely this could make a real impact. Out of curiosity - are you working with the WHO or are you just making donations? If it’s the latter you may want to reach out and try working with them directly in some capacity. Good luck guys!
@jessescaruso thanks for the support and great suggestion! We aren't currently working with them directly and are just making donations. We plan to reach out to them as volume gets higher to set up a direct line of contact for donations.
So clever given the current climate and WFH measures all around the world!! Such an amazing idea to help out 🙏🏼
@manon_peleau thanks for the support!