Mindway Nebula

Improve meditation skills using Muse and Neurosky headbands

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I'm one of the creators of this (literally) mind boggling app. Please feel free to ask any questions. P.S.: Yes, Melon headband support is coming in 2016. For various technical reasons it has not been easy to plug it in.
@stas_kulesh Can you tell us more about what this does and how it helps?
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@colemercer it actually measures alpha/beta brainwave activity through the headbands. The longer and more continuous you can keep yourself in this relaxed ("mellow" in Muse terms) state, the higher your scores. Closing your eyes, concentrating on your breath, going through the usual meditative steps helps to achieve better results. You can compete with the players of similar tiers globally via Game Center. THE BENEFITS OF INCREASING ALPHA BRAIN WAVES: - Deep Relaxation of Body and Mind – Tension and nervousness disappear as your brain’s thought process is calmed down; your mind becomes clearer. - Higher Levels of Creativity – Alpha brainwave levels are found to be much higher in artists, musicians and creative thinkers. - Improved Problem Solving Abilities – If you ever get writer’s block or get stuck on an important task, then getting that “aha” moment of creative inspiration is possible when you learn how to switch on your alpha mind and get back into your state of “flow.” - Improved Mood and Stability of Emotions – Having more alpha brainwaves usually indicates more positive, stable and balanced emotions. - Performance and Getting In the “Zone” – the alpha brainwave state is associated with “peak performance” and players who get “in the zone” perform best when they have less beta brainwaves interfering with their peak, alpha state of mind. - Super learning” and “Genius states” – learning new skills, enhanced memory and genius-like abilities are found in those who spend their time mostly in an alpha brainwave state. - Enhanced Immune System – The “feel good” effect of alpha brainwaves leads to the production of happy and well-functioning cells in your body, which provides a healthy and efficient immune system ready to protect you from any disease. - Levels of “Serotonin” – Serotonin is released more during alpha brainwave states. Serotonin levels are associated with your moods and low serotonin levels are linked to depression and other neurological disorders, such as anxiety and panic attacks. This white paper will tell you more about brainwaves: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s... We've made an app called Mindway Galaxy, that does the same for the focus/concentration metrics. β-signals are responsible for cognitive tasks. For example, reading a boring copy written in foreign language will get you great scores. We're hoping after some exposure at PH, we'd have resources to update Mindway Galaxy as well.