A clean and beautiful Journal for founders & makers.

Mindwave is a personal (b)log to capture your journey in daily logs and authentic stories.
Keep stories to yourself, invite friends and stakeholders or share your journal publicly.
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Hi all 👋🏻, This is my first ProductHunt launch. I've been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years and co-founded a few companies and startups. Over the years I wrote several blogs, did some journaling here and there, but I never really logged my journeys somewhere. It's by far my biggest regret! While traveling in Australia I got inspired by stories about some of the greatest explorers of all times: Captains James Cook, Abel Tasman, and Columbus. That got me thinking: How awesome would it be to have real-time access to The Captain's Logs, while they're on their expedition. Reading raw and pure stories, straight from their journals, is like experiencing this journey together. No marketing, no socials, and no judgment! Just a secure place to log your thoughts and to write authentic stories. To treasure for yourself, and to inspire others. That's the kind of journal I needed years ago. So I decided to build Mindwave for myself, and for all other founders & makers who are on exciting expeditions themselves. I'm just getting started, so all feedback is welcome at this stage. Cheers, Marcel
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I wore a story about my launch expectations before. It will give you an idea of what the journal looks like if you share it publicly. https://mindwave.app/stories/pro...
signed up to this awhile back. Love the experience of it. The simplicity is great. I am treating this as a founder's version of Medium for me without having to deal with all the crap it takes to have a medium account these days.
@zedsq Thnx for your support and feedback Zaigham. Highly appreciated!
Like! Just signed up. Love the mood setting and the way that works. Log is great. Don't know about stories yet.
@markv Hé, thnx for your support Mark. The writing experience is my favorite part atm.
Nice idea, good luck!