A fully encrypted diary that’s built on the blockchain

MindTalk is diary application built on Blockstack which respects your privacy, attention and can make you bit happier.
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Hello Product Hunt :), my friends and I have created MindTalk because we think there needs to be more applications that respect user privacy, attention and makes the user happier. We aren’t storing any information, everything is encrypted on the client thanks to Blockstack. Please help us with our experiment! Leave us feedback about what you are missing. We are planning to create mobile apps, reminders, more diary types and encrypted sharing of diary entries. You can read more about our approach in a 3-minute long introduction article https://bit.ly/2YPlTFq.
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What features would you like to see
More diary types
Daily reminders to write a diary
Encrypted sharing of diary notes
Something else(let us know what)
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What does blockchain add to the equation here? Just to make it permanent/impossible to lose or delete?
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Hi @ynehoroshkin, good question. Blockstack uses blockchain for digital assets like username registration or pointers to user data (which are outside of blockchain). Sorry to point you somewhere else, but closer explanation is outside of product hunts comments. You can read about it https://blockstack.org/whitepape... especially from page 6 (Stacks Blockchain section)
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