Maintain your daily mindfulness routine 😌

Mindot is a small desktop app that helps you maintain your daily mindfulness routine, it's focused on people spending a lot of time in front of computers and loosing a track of the time. All it takes is to compose your background sounds to get rid of sound distractions, set your timer, and start session.

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Hello! 🚀 This is my first project on PH! During the last year I really started getting into Mindfulness meditation when I realized how much effect it had on my issues with anxiety, and generally stress. Since I'm spending a lot of time in front of a computer sometimes I know to skip my morning session, so I decided to make a small desktop app for it. Cheers 🚀

Used it for one day so far, but it looks great!


Does what it is supposed to!


None so far...

Awesome app @djordje_petrovic! It would be nice if one could add his own sounds or even a YouTube link since there are a lot of meditation sounds and background music there. Very nice all in all!