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#5 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2017

We’ve rethought every part of our app to make it more intuitive to use. We hope that you love the new UI for MindNode.

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  • Paul Williamscreative problem solver

    Write the way you think


    Built-in "Idea Sandbox" theme is missing

    I've been using MindNode for writing - have for years. I find moving branches of text is much easier than cutting and pasting in a text app. Great for mindmapping

    Paul Williams has used this product for one year.
  • bunnyhero🐰i like bunnies and godzilla

    Great UI


    Lack of upgrade pricing for longtime supporters

    Great app. Too bad longtime supporters and boosters (buyers of MindNode Pro, back in the day) don't get any kind of discount. Sure, part of this is due to limitations of the Mac App Store, but why do they limit themselves to the Mac App Store only? Burning a lot of goodwill.

    bunnyhero🐰 has used this product for one year.


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Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
Looks cool any plan for web & android support? And what is pricing? No link on website to pricing page.
Matthias TretterMaker@myell0w
@evivz hi Vivek, we do have myMindNode which is a web viewer, but there's currently no way to edit documents on the web. No Android version planned, but don't pin my down on that, this decision might change in the future. The pricing is different and depends on your AppStore, so it's best to visit the AppStore and check the price of the IAPs there. Moreover, we do offer discounts and even free upgrades for previous customers, so the best way to see your price is downloading MindNode and checking from within the app.
Rafael Elizalde@getraf · Extraordinaire
@evivz @myell0w I could really use Android support. Add me your list if you are starting one.
Nikita Voloboev@nikitavoloboev · Making Learn Anything ✨
Really amazing app. Made mind mapping actually simple and enjoyable for me. 💜 You can make some really cool things with mind maps too like this: https://www.producthunt.com/post... 🗺
Andy Lee@imtheandylee · Interaction Designer, Odopod
Did you guys get rid of panning using the spacebar? Getting around a huge document is extremely difficult without that feature. Might be a deal-breaker for me :(
Dominik Stec@kreatywny · designer
@imtheandylee just received the answer from the team: "It’s a bug. We already working on a fix. Sadly didn’t make the cut for 5.0.1"
Matthias TretterMaker@myell0w
@imtheandylee as @kreatywny stated, this is a bug that slipped through, we'll make sure to fix it soon!
Dominik Stec@kreatywny · designer
@myell0w Gracias Matthias! :)
Andy Lee@imtheandylee · Interaction Designer, Odopod
@kreatywny @myell0w Fantastic, thanks so much!
Prashant Pillai@iprashantpillai · Music, Creativity & Tech
Been using the 2.0 for long now. It's one of the best mind maps in the scene. With this upgrade it'll make things much much easier and faster. Congrats to everyone at Mind Node and @myellow & @fafner !!
Matthias TretterMaker@myell0w
@iprashantpillai thank you so much for your nice words and encouragement, glad you like our update :)
Jonno Riekwel@jonnotie · Product Designer
I bought 4.0 six months ago for full price. Even though it's worth it, I'll stick to 4.0 for now on. Don't want to pay another chunk for a small upgrade.
Matthias TretterMaker@myell0w
@jonnotie 4.x will continue to work 👍 if you change your mind, you can try MN 5 for free for 2 weeks and as a previous customer you are eligible for a discount. MN 5 is far from a small upgrade, it's been in the making for over 1.5 years and especially on iOS we rethought every aspect of the app