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@fafner what do you think about using MindNode for UI flows? I'd love to be able to paste PDF exports from Sketch — or better yet, integrate MindNode into Sketch via a plugin that makes it easy to visualize user flow paths. WDYT?
@chrismessina @fafner +1 for Sketch integration. These tools would be perfect together!
@chrismessina I use it all the time, but I have to be honest it's not an ideal solution. Ideally you would want to attach anchor points directly on certain areas of the PDF.
I bought this literally within 30 seconds of @heckmueller tweeting about it. Mind maps are the best way for me to explore every angle of an idea or every aspect of something I'm working on, and for years MindNode has been my go-to app for that. It's just the best out there for the way I use it. If they'd add a gift option to the Mac App Store, I'd buy copies of it for everyone I know just to support the MindNode team's work.
@josephrooks you can buy me a copy! :)
Hey guys! I love MindNode and I'm already using MindNode Pro for which I bought a licence a month ago. Is there a way to upgrade to MindNode 2.0 other than buying another licence? Thank you 😁
@syswarren Unfortunately not. MindNode for Mac is a new app and the Mac App Store is too restricted to support cross updates. We recommend you request a refund from Apple. You can learn more here: http://mindnode.com/blog/2015-05...
Neat! I learned to really appreciate mind maps while working as a marketing manager for a startup that had a mind mapping product. The hardest part, as a marketer, was getting people to really understand their power and many uses. UI looks beautiful and I like that you (or the poster) opted to link a detailed blog post instead of a landing page - particularly since this is a big release.

Definitely the best mind map app to use. It worths the price.

The problem is I use 'apply theme' function a lot to erase the style of the content which I copied from other webpages and have different wild styles. As a result, that function will erase all special style I made to emphasize some specific leaf and make every node equal. I think you should try to provide a function called 'emphasize' or sth like that.


The greatest mind map app I have ever used. The shortcuts work perfect and save a huge time for me. Love to use it.


It is the only problem annoying me that I can hardly make one leaf node a special look or style to emphasize it.