MindJam! The Knowledge Guru

A Challenging Online Trivia Game like no other

Would you like to help us on choosing our new Game Icon? We recently noticed that even though our game got some good rankings on the Android store as well as some good organic user aquisition reports, our app did not get many downloads. So we figured out that a new more noticable game icon could help us to attract more users. Which icon you find more attractive? Icon A: Icon B: Icon C: Icon D: Icon E: Icon F: A, B, C, D, E or F?
Co-Founder of Joyfoundry here We recently released our first Online Trivia Game for Android We are a small passionate indie team who loves to make games. We would love to hear your opinion about our game. Feel free to test it out. It's completely free. Challenge your friends in a MindJam knowledge quiz game. Become a knowledge guru by answering thousands of quiz questions in Science, Geography, History, Sports, Cinema and other categories. An absolutely must have quiz game with: - Quest you skills in thousands of entertaining questions - Four different type of games ( Multiple choice, Sorting, Find the images, Find three ) - Beautiful images for all questions - Different categories of questions like: Geography, History, Science, Sports, Cinema and with more coming up - An online active community to socialize and test your skills - Match and compete against other players in an online or local game - Three exciting game modes challenge your friends - Test your knowledge in a match with friends even when you are offline - Connect with Facebook - Share your success on Facebook Quest for knowledge has just begun, have fun!