Mindie 2.0

10 second music videos (w/ private mindies)

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I am biased as I am an investor. But I think the Mindie guys are one of the most talented product teams in the game right now.
@davemorin - definitely something on my mind. Big new updates like Snapchat 6.1 and Instagram Direct are worth announcing and discussing, but there's subjectivity in what's considered "big" enough to repost. What do you think?
Mindie just released 2.0 of their iOS app, adding private mindies. As I mentioned in the Vine Messages thread, there's a trend toward personal, one-to-one messaging and this is just another example of that. P.S. check out @jesiahbonney's EPIC Product Hunt mindie.
So. Good. (:
Mindie is one of the first products I posted on Product Hunt (here). I've enjoyed watching it progress and am tempted to upgrade to an iPhone 5s just so I can film super artsy slo-mo mindies. :D Great job, @gregoirehenrion, @craffenoux, and @stancoppin.