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Hi all! So, I created this email series because I've been in touch with hundreds of creatives that suffer due to some part of their work—be it managing clients, collaborators, sales, promotion, etc. I've found mindfulness to be extremely helpful in learning to deal with all that, including everything else that comes along with the ups and downs of making stuff. Hope you all find it helpful! I'm particularly proud of the Harry Potter gif in email #1 😏
What I love most about Marcella's works is that it just has this immense feeling of authenticity to it. It just feels wholesome and something that I should only ignore at my own peril.
@adii I appreciate the kind words, Adii!
I subscribed to this last week. Loving it! (Especially the audio version that comes with each email)
@mijustin Means a lot coming from you, oh podcasting master. 🙏
I'm in. I love @marcella's authenticity.
@brianball Thanks, Brian! 🙏
Just signed up. Looking forward to this!
@alfjorgen Thanks Alf! Glad to have you. 😊