Meditate with open eyes. Be productive.

#5 Product of the WeekOctober 12, 2017

MindFi is a smart meditation app built with productivity and your busy routine in mind. Train your attention with YOUR EYES OPEN at a convenient time and place. We built this for beginners to learn at a gentler pace - try it before a meal 🌯 , scrolling a Facebook feed mindfully, resting at your office desk and even at the restroom! πŸš½πŸ˜‰

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Hi PH! I'm Bjorn, founder of MindFi. πŸ‘‹ We built MindFi for busy humans to improve your focus and attention with a super-convenient meditation system, where you train with YOUR EYES OPEN. For productivity geeks (like me), we also baked in a handy Pomodoro timer so you can spend your 5-minute break wisely, with meditation! I started meditating 7 years ago due to stress-induced chest pains from my 1st startup. I joined a 10-day meditation retreat in India but could not maintain the ascetic discipline required . As a product maker, I saw meditation suffering from an onboarding UX problem. My goal is not to build a meditation app, but really to build an attention coach for our distracting times. A few pro tips for MindFi: - Try 1st session with your eyes open. Worried about looking weird? Wear earphones to look thoughtful :P - Scroll our timeline and find a time you can practise everyday. I personally like 4pm to take a short pit stop and recharge my mental batteries. - Click the rightmost button: "Deep Work" mode (inspired by Cal Newport). That's a 25-min Pomodoro timer with a 5-min meditation break. That's how I get shit done at the start of my day. - Follow our 7-day program. You will be challenged on Days 4 and 7. No spoilers here ;) πŸ™ Thank you! MindFi is free for all Product Hunters today for 3 months. We are already hard at work on V2. Launching is a journey, not a destination for us. I will be here for next 18 hours till i hop on a plane so ask away! :D
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@bjorn_lee Thanks for such a beautiful app. Cool idea!
@akhakhariev Glad you like it! Credit goes to @viviana
@bjorn_lee yay! I'm so happy you've been hunted. I don't mind looking weird but I'm hoping I can fool my kids who often play in my background when I meditate now.
@casielane nice! πŸ˜„

I have 15 years of experience in meditation, you need to have superb meditative skills to be able to relax with eyes open. The key is to calm your mind, and as long our eyes are focused on the visuals, it is almost impossible to achieve inner peace. As i said, only great masters can do this.


Great design


Concept is flawed, relaxing with your eyes open is ineffective

Try the full 7-day program. Not all sessions have eyes open. Meditation, or mindfulness, can't be taught in one day. :)We want to level the learning curve so beginners don't get deterred from the start.

In trying to sign up, the process would fail silently. I finally figured out that the app doesn't like one character usernames in email addresses, or four-letter TLDs, even though both are valid. The onboarding graphics were really fuzzy. I think they're scaled images? The developers have clearly never tested on an iPhone SE screen, as the UI is cut off (see https://d.pr/i/KSlfJ).

It's beta quality software, but I really hope these issues get addressed. It's a great concept. If well-executed, I could see it being a part of my routine.


Emphasizing short meditations is a great idea, and I haven't seen it before.


Needs a lot more testing

Much apologies, this was not fixed in time for PH launch. Fix coming in next week's update

I did the Vipassana meditation in a remote part of myanmar two years ago, and it was a surreal experience at times. when I was using Mindfi, it reminded me of those moments. Love how I could just step into a space of my own so easily, and slip out when I have to. Finally, an app that doesn’t need me to retreat into the mosquito infested wilderness of Yangon.


Felt like I just had a spa. relaxing. amazing how this app increased my self-awareness in just a few min.


wasnt obvious to me that timeline could be scrolled

Humbled you are comparing us to a spa... We can improve on the timeline for sure. MindFi is built like an onramp for beginners and we complement the retreats which are further up the learning curve for those who seek a deeper practice :)
I usually close my eyes when meditating... but sometimes I have to rush so I won't be able to meditate before leaving home. Like today, I occasionally try to close my eyes and meditate in public... but folks around me would find it weird. I typically work in cafes (like right now) so this is the usual kind of place where I need a moment of silence. Looking forward to trying this out!
@allancaeg Thanks Allan! We made MindFi for people like you who have packed schedules but still want the benefits of meditation- so we combined the best of both worlds :)