A.I. powered meditations with world renowned teachers

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anyone else see fallopian tubes? or just me...
@jeffrey_wyman We traced the eyes of the most common Buddha statues to get our logo. I'm happy it's also a symbol of fertility for you.
@jeffrey_wyman dude it's a sign, you're gonna be a dad soon ;)
@musolek i have 2nd child due in june :)
@jeffrey_wyman congrats are in order then. Virtual Drinks for everyone 🍻!
Mindbliss is an app that uses machine learning to support your meditation practice. It also has world renowned meditation teachers such as Honest Guys (608K YouTube subscribers), Linda Hall and many more.
I love mindfulness and meditation apps and I'm always liking to try new ones out. What does this offer above and beyond any other? How does the machine learning work? Love the look of this!
@libby_ayres There are a lot of great meditation apps and I think its a signal for our evolving nature. Mindbliss focuses on using ML to recommend more effective sessions. It uses consumption and user feedback to predict the best content. I'm happy you like the look! Thanks!
@derik_bliss daily user of Calm. Meditation is so vital. Interesting if you different voices across the app. Sometimes you get too used to the "Calm girl" or Andy from Headspace. I'll check it out.
@kbclauson We have a diverse collection because what I love might irritate you. We all have our own path and we wanted to support that in the app. Thanks for your support!
Nice app, but what about integration with Apple Health?
@udimov Hi! Apple health integration will be in an upcoming release. Thanks!
Woah looks great, and i'm sure it will be a mega hit since the amazing Samantha Hor is on the team ❤️