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Saving brick and mortars money - powered by open data

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Mind My Business is the mobile platform for brick and mortar shopkeepers. We let folks know what's happening outside and around them that makes a difference to their bottom line. We're powered by open data.
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Small business is the financial backbone of the US economy - tools which can get them the info they need to run their business / make better decisions on the allocation of their resources (staffing / operating hours etc.) is vital for the economy / job creation.
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Really excited about this product and they couldn't have a team more dedicated to alleviating the woes of SMBs. They are massively hard workers. Glad to see them on here!
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Happy to answer any questions folks have. We share business specific alerts and actionable insights. Everything from upcoming construction, to regulations changes, to consumer complaints. It's all business specific. We save storeowners money (on order of thousands of dollars) with our information.
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This is awesome, local is a huge market!
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@desisaran Thanks! And we want to empower shopkeepers- they make the backbone of our communities.
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