Mind Mapping 3D

Make organized thinking easy & fun

Playfully build ideas and expand your thinking in a way that doesn't feel like work. You can boost your productivity by making organizing your thoughts entertaining. Export to a Word (.docx) outline. Include notes, tags, and hyperlinks
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Just downloaded it and read the available bio about the app. Two thumbs up for the app. Looking forward to trying it out. The $1.99 a YEAR for premium usage is also very appealing since the pricing of apps these days for simply downloading can be at times much steeper. For subscription can be through the roof. Users have to be more mindful these days about cost and necessity of having an app. I get it about the pricing needed to continue maintaining a quality app but the draw back from the consumer perspective- at least mine, is that frugalness is practiced. That being said makes this app worth the investment. Thank you.
@haitianwatcher Thanks James. I'm just getting started, and the app will be evolving. I want a low barrier-to-entry so I can learn from users and make the experience even better! The price you see today is for this PH launch and is going up by a dollar tomorrow (Android is already at $2.99). There is also a Rewarded Ad option for users who prefer that.
Thank you Dante. I’m all set and subscribed! Glad I jumped on the ride early. Looking forward to seeing this app knock it out the park. Good luck!
@haitianwatcher Thanks for the support!
Hey PH Community! I want to introduce you to Mind Mapping 3D - a fun new way to mind map! With this app, I want to make people more productive by making brainstorming, note-taking and studying more entertaining. It's new on iOS so you'll be the first to try it out. What makes Mind Mapping 3D different: - Mind Maps are 3D and more fun! - The full touch interface makes navigating easy - Support of multiple hyperlinks for each topic node so you can link to attachments, videos, websites, and references - Super visual. Customize backgrounds, placements, colors, add images, and capture UI-free screenshots. (with or without the background) - Support for many mind map structures at once for added thinking flexibility - Jump links so you can define paths for others through the mind map - And a productive outline view with drag-and-drop support and exporting to a Word .docx outline file Any feedback you give is much appreciated! I'm working on making Mind Mapping 3D great. Input from the Product Hunt community will have a significant impact on my feature road (mind) map. P.S. Big Thank you to maker @dfanton - I love the sizzle video I was able to make with ScreenSpace Promo!
My major question is : How do you view this to part of meetings or anything proffesional at all? From what I can see is a bunch of stuff rotating. Can you possibly tone down the movement to just keep it stats in 3D? That might be better But otherwise I don't think the major user is facing any problems doing it in 2D. Is there a specific gap you're filling? Also I'd rather prefer to design mind-maps in 2D but in AR placed in real life. Just my $0.02. I could be wrong. Cheers
@yash Hi Yash! The user is in full control of rotation. Here’s a video I made of the Android version showing touch points https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DW... The Android version supports casting to a big screen from inside the app - useful for the meeting use case. This is also possible on iOS using AirPlay screen mirroring but it’s not an in-app feature on iOS. My goal is to make thinking for work and study more fun by making it more entertaining!
@damjanski Thanks for the upvote!