Mind Mapped

Create mind maps on the blockchain

Mind Mapped is an online tool built on the blockchain that allows you to create mind maps with a simple text editor format and a drag and drop node system
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Am I the only person who really wants to learn something about a product from its landing page? Instead of being dumped straight into a "Login with Blockstack" button and no other info.
@frassmith Thx for the feedback Fraser. I will definitely improve landing page on-boarding
@arekusandr_ Cool. I look forward to that. BTW: it's not just you. There have been many Blockstack based products here that do exactly the same. I guess it's a weakness of that platform.
@arekusandr_ @frassmith We see a lot of examples of such landing pages because we design based on **assumptions** (users understand) rather than on **evidence** (we checked with users for what they understand).
@arekusandr_ @vingar I'm not even sure that I understand your reply :-)
@arekusandr_ @frassmith Sorry, that was the UX and marketability context. Many founders design the landing pages assuming what their customers will understand. The product team (or individual or the founders themselves) should design it for evidence for what exactly the customers need to see, the message, the value prop, in right terminology, right trust to make them click on right CTA, and so on.
Well done! Beautifully designed!