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Hi everybody, we just launched our new app. We know there are many meditation apps out there, but we feel they all lack something. We have over 30 years of experience in this field, so we gave a try too. We offer a so-called natural guided relaxation, which is a bit different from meditation. No particular sitting position is required, you can also lie down on your bed, there is no need to count breaths or focus on your body at all. There is only one goal, which is to give up self entirely. Much harder to say than do, we agree :-) Also from the technical point of view, we believe that mediation is not a subject which you have to learn like in school, with different levels and complex theory, but it should be approached like fitness, meaning the repetition is the king. We build the statistics around the idea that the only thing important is that we relax daily, the longer, the better. When we go for a run, we usually take the same route every time, and our movements are pretty much the same, but our stamina grows. Meditation should be approached in the same way, free from theory and complicated explanations. Aura Score shows our "mental fitness" based on data from the last three weeks. Zen Moments are special points which you give to yourself after each relaxation. These points are also taking part in Aura Score. Anyway, this is just v1.0, and we have many new features in the pipeline, so watch this space :-)
@johnyqi I'm always one for relaxation techniques but I have a few issues with the on-boarding process. It's not intuitive at the point of selecting sounds or voice. The user is given no preview of either and needs to download them before knowing what they are. Is the idea. Hate to compare but headspace app offers more guidance to the process. That said, going to evaluate the app and check in a few days from now. PS: any plans for apple health integration?
@musolek Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you, we already have few UI ideas addressing these issues. Those little popup boxes for each track should have more info, including length and a short demo. It will be definitely addressed. Apple Health integration is also coming, just we are focused now more on the core concept. We have to organise content a bit better, maybe in folders, add also 'Recent' section for fast access, will see. We will also expand more on statistics, they are the key to keeping users motivated.
@johnyqi great! Look forward to the updates rolling out. 🙌🏽
Hi, I'm a co-founder of Mind Hero, thank you all for supporting our project. Many users ask us one single question, what is the difference between us and Headspace. The key difference is that relaxations provided by most popular meditation apps are scripted and have professional speakers, who are not necessarily good in meditation, generally speaking. With our recordings the main emphasis is on natural and on the energy flow. The person who does it, at them moment only me, is deeply relaxed during the recording, and it creates energy flow, which can be transmitted to another person, if they are open to it. There is no script, the words comes naturally to me, therefore each recording is very unique and has its flavour. Also, I would like to add, there is no requirement from users to focus on the method and words, they can just relax and let the words wash over them. This is the main reason why our recordings are often used by parents for their small babies to help them calm and fall asleep. So please test it out and let us know what you think.