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#4 Product of the DayApril 15, 2016
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I don't see any information about web standards or anything technical. The last thing we need is more fractured applications that all treat my client code differently.
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The browser market has been pretty boring, with options like this and Vivaldi, things are looking better.
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@demattia Brave also seems pretty interesting.
@demattia Tried hard to like Vivaldi and gave it plenty of time, but it didn't make me Satisfy.. It felt like I'm using Google Chrome with a custom theme and some extra extension. Nothing exciting or special about it to make me switch. Brave on the other hand looks good though start using it few days ago. I'll give this one a shot.
@demattia I've been using Vivaldi for about a week now, and it's generally a pretty good experience. I wish we could import/export settings, and there are a few quirks that need to be addressed, or at least grown accustomed to, having used Chrome for so long, but it's a fast browser. With lots of nice options, and after some setup and customization, Vivaldi works and looks very nice.
That's looking promising!!! But I'd like to see a video as well.
Looks interesting, but a bit more background would be appreciated. I'm looking at the description that says Javascript and css based. I'm looking at the size of the download. I'm thinking, maybe it's Electron based. It would be nice to know these things.
@frassmith it's open source. Check the code. It's Electron.
@chrismessina Thanks, I finally got it downloaded and worked that out. The Chinese interwebs aren't too great on Friday evenings. First impressions are that it's, well, yes, minimalist, almost to the extent of being difficult to use. It also seems to be particularly slow to load pages compared to Chrome - maybe just the China effect again. I think if I was to switch to one of the new crop of browsers, I'd probably opt for, the decidedly un-minimalist, Vivaldi.
Minimalism, that's a great thing in now days. Congrats for creating ☺.