Mimo Baby

Real-time audio & insights about your baby’s sleep activity

I've seen this tech in real life. They've put a LOT of thought into the design and done tons of testing. Very cool stuff.
@borker Thanks! If you ever want to swing by our office to see how we test and build stuff, let us know--we love visitors :)
@NikkiElizDemere Dulcie needs a Maker badge.
I had this idea around 5 years ago because my daughter suffered from febral convulsions. We had to keep checking her temperature all the time, so the idea of knowing at all times just by looking at my phone is fantastic! Great work! One question, is skin temperature the same as core temp?
@danielkempe Thank you! That said, skin temp isn't the same as core internal body temp--it's more of a measure of sleep comfort and general range.
@dulciemadden maybe you could add a sensor under the armpit...?
Wearable sensor in the shape of a turtle and lilypad to monitor baby's sleep from your smartphone.