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Join more than 2 million learners: learn to code, make apps/games/websites, automate your life, and much more – no matter how much experience and time you have! Mimo creates a personalized learning path of fun and effective exercises, projects, and challenges that fits into your daily routine and keeps you motivated.

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We’re thrilled to be back on ProductHunt with Mimo 3.0. 🚀 Since our initial launch on ProductHunt almost two years ago, we’ve worked relentlessly to improve the product, add more and more courses, and - most important of all - made coding more accessible for you! With Mimo 3.0, we've reimagined learning how to code on your mobile device. We've changed every single screen, adapted the look and feel of the whole app, made the learning experience even more playful, and on top of that introduced our new mascot, who’ll join you on your coding journey. Mimo 3.0 is available today on iOS and Android! 📲 Let us know what you think! We’ll be here to answer your questions. 👩‍💻👨‍💻
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The so-long-ago predecessor of Mimo, Swifty, was a nice little tool to get basically acquainted with the syntax of the Swift programming language. It cost around 3 bucks and introduced you to the very foundations of Swift in a funny, amicable way, through multiple choice questions. I assume, the targeted audience were developers who just wanted to get an initial sense for the language (below the - already low - effort to read and practically follow books like "Seven Languages in Seven Weeks" from pragprog.com).

Three years later: The Mimohello GmbH got founded and, boy, they got greedy: Following exactly the same concept, they ask you to leave from 60,- to up to 120,- $/year for their offering.

Those guys claim to learn you code. And they get featured by Apple. So it's a good deal - pay even 120,- $ and you'll become able to code, right?


To be able to code you need much more than tapping on a mobile device filling out multiple choice/gap questions. You need to master the entire toolchain of your language/technology ecosystem: From a text editor or IDE like XCode for Swift over a build and packaging system like Gradle/Maven for Java/Kotlin or Yeoman for Node.js - coding means you get enabled to finally run an application on the targeted system.

Mimo will NOT enable you to do this.

(This said by an individual with over 30ys of programming practice, running a daily code kata, trying to learn a new programming language every year).

Compared to other offerings (free: iTunesU course, Apple's Swift Playgrounds, code.org, coursera.org, khanacademy.org, codecombat.com, freecodecamp.org - paid: safaribooksonline.com, teamtreehouse.com, raywenderlich.com, udemy.com, udacity.com) which all help you get enabled coding, Mimo - also in the now tested version 3.0 - leaves the impression of a false, fully overpriced promise.

To me, it feels like somebody selling you a Bobby Car (for the price of a Tesla) with the promise you'll get your driving license through it.

Better alternative IMHO: Lrn app.


Nice UI


Action faking vs. action making - price-value

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Hey there, Karsten! Thanks for your review. I want to take the time to address your concerns: 1. I started Swifty as a project after school. When I graduated, I faced a hard choice: get a job or try to make working on Swifty my job. I chose the latter one. But as you can imagine it was tricky to make a living out of Swifty. We needed to change the pricing model to be able to continue to work on Swifty/Mimo without the need to have a side job, grow the team, add more and better content for you, and reach more users. 2. We build an adapted curriculum for all our users depending on the level they are. We noticed that mobile is the perfect way to get started. The entrance barrier is already low, and with our approach, we were able to lower it even further. It was never so easy to begin to code. I'd like to invite you to test out the app more thoroughly and also try our web version (currently, we're already offering courses on iOS and game development) to get a better understanding on how we teach you to code.
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Whoever writes the content must be pretty amazing people.


It is the best way to learn to code in the entire universe! I love the iOS app and can't believe they just launched on Android.


The biggest con is that my girlfriend gets mad at me when I spend too much time learning to code.

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What understanding of coding is required to use the product?
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@paulvarga23 Great question, @paulvarga23! The app is designed to be useful to beginners as well as experienced coders! We’ll create your personalized curriculum at the start based on your level and goals. You don’t need to have any prior coding experience. 🚀
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@paulvarga23 Mimo is great for beginners writing their first lines of code and more experienced coders looking to dive into new programming languages.
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That looks amazing! Congrats on the improvements. What I was wondering actually, how much do you really learn with Mimo? Any experience?
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@aroettl Thanks for the nice words, @aroettl! We start at whatever level you may already have and take you from there to your first real-world project. Have you ever dreamed of releasing your mobile app? Or to launch your website? With Mimo, you’ll be there in no time.