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“Wow, my app on Producthunt. Just awesome!”, I said one and a half years ago when Swifty (https://producthunt.com/tech/swi...) was hunted. 🕗 When I look back to that day, I see a turning point in my life. Soon afterwards, some great people joined me on my quest to make learning how to code accessible and fun. A year later, they became not only co-founders of Mimo but also good friends. The last couple of weeks we’ve been part of the Techstars accelerator in Berlin. @lorenzschimik wrote a blog post (http://bit.ly/2aXbcNh) about our incredible experience. Trust me, it’s worth reading! With Mimo, you can dive into app development, learn how to build websites, and get the hang of databases  —  from beginner to hacker, on your iPhone and during your idle moments on the go. 👟👟
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@triplejberger @lorenzschimik You guys have done a phenomenal job. I'm a designer who used Swifty to learn the basics, and then programmed the foundation of one of our apps in a day. Just downloaded Mimo, it looks just as amazing as Swifty. Can't wait to see where you guys take it.
@joeycofone @triplejberger awesome that you like it 😃The whole app was sketched out on a Confidant notebook 📘📕📗
@lorenzschimik @triplejberger That's amazing! :D Glad to hear our notebooks are being used to make phenomenal things. ;)
@triplejberger @lorenzschimik Thanks for the discount! I decided to purchase the premium year and I pretend to get the most out of it, hope to see lots of content coming to Mimo! :)
@alexabian @lorenzschimik You're welcome! We'll keep the content coming! ✍️
Mimo is an 📱 app that teaches computer science & software development in a fun and interactive way. This can become the Duolingo of software dev. 🤔💡
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@__tosh Thanks for hunting! 🐱
Aside from the fact that Mimo is gorgeous, I'm in love with the bite sized aspect to it. I've never seen or used such a fluid and visually beautiful app for learning how to code. Kudos to the Mimo team and these gorgeous illustrations. As a founder/partner/mom, there's always something work related going on. Saving these small snippets of lessons and time out of my day to continually learn (which unfortunately doesn't always get prioritized) makes it super easy to do so and feel guilt free as I learn, leave and come back to learn more without the constraints of *needing* a computer in front of me. I had a goal to learn swift. I think Mimo will actually get me there.
@imcatnoone Thanks Cat! That’s exactly why we built Mimo. I’m super happy that you like it! 😀
@imcatnoone thanks Cat ♥️
Cool, I was a swifty user back then and learned one or two things with your app. 🤓 @triplejberger there is just one thing I'm curious about. How do you deal with Apple’s announcement of Swift Playgrounds and Codecademy raising another $30m. What's your plan to succeed in this tight spot?
@smalzner That’s great to hear! 👏 With Mimo, we take a different approach. We reach people during idle moments on the go, which is something that neither Playgrounds nor Codecademy is made for. Both are great products as well. I’m a Codecademy user myself, and I’m looking forward to trying Playgrounds. 🙌
Mimo looks great - definitely going to give it a try. How do you differentiate from apps like SoloLearn?
@stephankletzl Thanks, Stephan - let me know what you think! Mimo's bite-size format, content quality, and user experience is what makes it very different from SoloLearn or other learn-to-code apps (including Javvy and Swifty 🙈).