Mimir Nanocamp

Learn to code in Python with our four-week online adventure.

Mimir NanoCamp is a four week online python programming course where you can get live 1 on 1 help from instructors. We used everything we have learned from helping over 70 universities teach their CS courses to build this one. NanoCamp isn't intended to be a comprehensive CS education, but rather a primer.

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Thanks for hunting @prahasith_v how do you find instructors and how are they compensated?
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Hey @abadesi, the instructors are members of our in house (full time) curriculum team. They normally work on producing free OER content for our collegiate partners.
How easy the course is for non-techies like me ?
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Hey @shreyaa_ratra its built for those who have very little or no programming experience. It should be a great fit for non-techies.
Are there plans to add other courses?
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@skillsyncer Maybe, we haven't decided yet.
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@vineshgkannan Been spying on your new work, awesome release! Excited to watch it grow.
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Looking forward to doing this course :)