Mimi Music 3.0

Clear music and sound customized by your hearing profile

With Mimi Music, in 2 min you can test your hearing, and process the sound of your music to your hearing profile. This means you'll hear more nuances and clarity in the music that you love!

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm so excited to show Mimi Music to the community! Thanks @nrose for hunting! We started Mimi with the vision to give everyone the best possible hearing experience. This made us question: Why do we all listen to music in the same way? Our ears are as unique as our fingerprints, so why is music the same? With Mimi Music, in 2 min you can test your hearing, and process the sound of your music to your hearing profile. This means you'll hear more nuances and clarity in the music that you love! We'd love you all to try it out and get feedback on the product, the sound processing and of course the concept! Greetings, Guido
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@gknook Congrats on being featured on PH! Liked the idea and will try it for sure! By the way, which mobile analytics tool do you use to track your app usage? I'd suggest trying http://inapptics.com/ to see how people actually use your app. Have a look, I bet you'll like it ;)
I've been a huge fan of this product since Spring–absolutely mindblowing how much more of your music is hiding away in your little apple earpods! I'm a little embarassed to admit so much of my hearing has been destroyed by too many loud IDM concerts, but the hearing test really seems to know how to pump up the areas I've been missing. Now with Spotify support I've been getting into some of the better IDM and techno playlists. The new Moderat album sounds amazing. Also, tho they don't say so in the app, this makes music sound way better in the car.
We hope not only people with hearing disabilities will use this as a health tech benefit, but also anyone who enjoys more clear sound on an app that lets you personalize music lists from SoundCloud and Spotify and adding other platforms soon.. Hunted for the first time! So cool :)
I tweeted a couple of weeks ago that I wished I could listen to some songs for the first time again. Then I had dinner with my friend Martin who told me about those guys, that are also here from Berlin. At first it was strange to listen to the songs that clear and healthy (with way less volume!) It reminded me of when I first got glasses. At first everything was so clear and sharp that you couldn't even handle it. Blobs suddenly become people. But slowly you arrive to a point where you wear your glasses all day long and not just when you need to read something cause you can't be witout them. Listen to "You're gonna lose that girl" by The Beatles for example. Never realized that the song has a taboret. You can hear every instrument individually. I removed Spotify from my "utility" bar now and replaced it with Mimi so I can open it with one click. Now I only use Spotify to update my playlist (which would be nice if I could also do it from there directly even though that probably won't be possible). But a desktop app would be cool so I can use it easier during work.
I remember as a teenager playing with Winamp and discovering the mixer - how adjusting the levels could really improve the sound experience. I'd play with it for hours, never getting it quite right. Eventually the novelty wore off and I haven't used mixers since - really, who has time for that sort of thing? The first time I tried Mimi Music, it felt like that first time I discovered the power of the mixer, but this time someone had done all the mixer work for me, gotten it right, and instantly. The different was huge, but the sound didn't sound over processed or pushed too far - just filled my earphones more fully and naturally. Really love how Mimi can make an average set of headphones sound like a million bucks.