Match Facebook Ads and landing pages automatically

Mimetical automatically identifies the components of your Facebook ads and inserts them in the right places on your landing pages.
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Hi PH, Mimetical intends to automatically message match your Facebook Ads and landing pages. Consistency between ads and the post-click landing pages can make a difference of up to 200% in post-click conversion rates. The product isn't yet completed so I'm launching here on PH to find early adopters who want to try this out for free when it's ready.
@emile_paffard_wray I like it, but "If it's such a problem, why isn't everyone doing it? Firstly, ignorance" sounds extremely arrogant to me.
@luqa I don't mean to sound arrogant - that quote is based in reality [1]. Perhaps I could phrase it differently. [1] - https://unbounce.com/ppc/poor-me...
@emile_paffard_wray Nobody wants to sound arrogant but in this case the customer perception is more important than your intentions. I would phrase it in a different way :)
@emile_paffard_wray i would love to. But how will this work? Will it be a completely page builder or just some code i am going to install on my site?
@sour_sour A drop-in JavaScript snippet + a simple interface to check that the elements are swapping in correctly. And you might have to tweak your ad settings if you aren't sending through any url parameters. No page builder.
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Looks like a great tool to help drive conversions! Any plans to integrate with WordPress? Just registered ๐Ÿ‘
@lachlankirkwood I don't have much experience with Wordpress so I'm not totally sure but I believe it could work just by using a Wordpress plugin to add code into the head of the page. Don't think I'd need to build something specifically for Wordpress.