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WE REINVENTED THE PERSONAL CLOUD: sign up for a free 10 GB account today! We started this company because we had the same problems as you. We wondered why using a personal cloud had to be hard and not engaging, looked more like an old C: drive and a bunch of very small thumbnails that are not easily recognizable.......we wanted to have a personal cloud that was built for everyone and anyone on any device. We also realized our digital lives were a mess. Photos, videos, music, document files were everywhere…we had different devices, different platforms…it was made worse each year with our purchase of a new phone, tablet or computer. There had to be a better way. Our current options were not what we wanted, we did not want to: - Put our stuff in digital boxes never to be seen again. - Get trapped into any operating system or ecosystem just because we tried their phone that year. - Have to recreate everything if we decided to move to new phone, new computer and new operating system. - Struggle on how to set up our personal cloud or be surprised on how it actually worked. - Put our private moments in highly public places just to share with family and friends. - Have our stuff in a cold environment that was not friendly or easy to use. - Try to remember which social media platform a photo or videos was in; or which storage box we saved it to. This is supposed to be fun. After all, the moments we captured were fun. So, we decided to build MiMedia to fix this…for you and us. We wanted to have: - An easier way to be in the cloud...a couple of clicks and, boom, you’re there. - Organization that is simple and automatic but powerful. - Tools to control, manage, curate and personalize our content the way we wanted it. - Private sharing environments with the ability to chat and comment for family and friends- never to lose our stuff again. - Reconnection with our moments, and resurfaces gems we forgot about. - Ability to share across platforms easily and not worry about what operating systems others were using. - A system that aggregated all our photos, videos, music and documents into one awesome spot. - A platform that was accessible from our phone, tablets, and computers - with everything updated in real time. - A beautiful, visual experience...a place to hang out in and have fun…because, after all, it’s our stuff, our memories/moments, our friends and family and all these things are ours to enjoy! MiMedia is made by a group of passionate people in Brooklyn NY, people who are just like you. And who wanted to reinvent the cloud experience!!! We hope you love it. Please ask us any questions. We have 3 plans-- of course, everyone loves FREE-- so we have that too! 10 GB FREE when you sign up. You can always upgrade to a 500 GB ($85 annually) or 1 TB plan ($100 annually). Thanks! Jackie
How is this different from any other cloud platform, Dropbox for example?
@arunpattnaik thanks for the question. We are very different in that we are a complete personal cloud for all your photos, videos, music and document in one spot. We also are not a link file sharing system, which Dropbox is. We also differ in that we are device agnostic, which allows you to share across OS without any issues. With iCloud, Apple is trying to sell you hardware and software-- which is why you always get that dreaded "out of storage message". With Google, they are looking to sell you advertising based on the use of their products. Google is learning about your behavior and then targeting ads to you. MiMedia is an independent personal cloud that puts the consumers needs first-- we built this for consumers who wanted to have a better user experience with a beautiful UI across phones, tablets, computers. We wanted to help consumers easily organize and manage their personal content. We wanted to help consumers share in a private environment that provides tools for each person to contribute and comment. And then we wanted to provide tools that help you rediscover your personal content-- across photos, videos, music, and documents. And most of all-- we wanted it to be fun-- and not be like your C: drive on your computer! Hope that helps-- happy to answer anything else. Remember we offer 10 GB for free-- so you can try us out.
@jackiestone1 Thanks for the reply. However, it still sounds like a broad pitch. Dropbox allows you to share both links to individual files and share folders with different permission levels. It is also device agnostic, allowing the user to access their files via a browser or native apps in different platforms. I don't really understand the relevance of 'Apple trying to sell hardware & software' and 'Google looking to sell advertising' references to my question. To be more specific, what exactly did you 'reinvent' in comparison to the solutions already there in the market?
@arunpattnaik Thanks for your comments. And good questions. We are not a file sharing system-- we are a platform that allows the user to store, access and manage their personal content - photos, videos, music, and documents in one spot. To be more specific- we differentiate in 5 main areas: 1) design and UI--the product and flow are beautiful - think premium experience -- beautifully designed experiences. We don't act or look like a c: drive 2) Simplicity: we make it easy to use, straightforward and intuitive 3) Organization: we provide automatic organization and put your photos in photos, videos in videos, music in music and documents in documents- we don't lump them all together. We also provide tools to help you curate and personalize your content- the way you want. We show tags as collections not a long list of tags. We have Discover that allows you to look at maps to see where your media originated from 4) Private sharing: we have MiDrives that allow you to invite friends and family to a private sharing environment, and where everyone can contribute, and all can chat and comment within the MiDrive. We allow MiDrives to become your wallpaper on Android and your screensaver on computers; thus enabling you to receive your friends and family content on your phone and computer 5) Rediscovery: we have patented tools that enable you to rediscover your content in a variety of ways-- that surface moments in different showcases based on your desired "asks". In the end -- we are making it easier, better and what the consumer wants....what our research shows :) Dropbox is effectively for business users. MiMedia is for consumers (parents 24- 55 and passion verticals in travel, culinary, action sports, culinary, wedding, pets)-- And to be honest, people can use both for different reasons. There are MANY more things we are rolling out in the coming future. Take a look and let me know what you think.
@arunpattnaik, also, we are doing global partnerships that you might be interested in-- here is the world conference where Rahul, the founder of Micromax announces our partnership: start the video at 54:48
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