Free rewards simply for saving

Mimble is the first app to make saving as rewarding as spending. Effortlessly earn rewards from top brands as you set aside money.
You'll get in better financial shape while unlocking coffee, pizza, smoothies, and much more as you watch your savings grow!
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Chad Huber
Entrepreneur. Founder at mimble.co
Hi PH family! We built Mimble to empower people with money by making saving as rewarding as spending because current tools were either boring or cost more than their value. Today is the launch of a major pivot: automatic rewards for saving. That means that all of our users get rewards from brand partners simply for saving. To use Mimble, all you need is a phone and a US bank account as a funding source. We can connect directly to the 15 largest banks, but work with any bank account via ACH. We all know we should be better at saving. Building up our savings is a great way to do everything from avoiding debt to going on vacations to feeling financially secure. For the first time, with Mimble, that’s just as rewarding as spending. It’s time to have your cake and eat it too ;) Empower your finances with Mimble.
Really cool value proposition. Wondering what your learnings have been a year later?