For the first time, we're making saving rewarding.

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Get higher rewards than credit cards while purchasing on your timeline and avoiding debt!

We make this possible by connecting people with amazing travel experiences from amazing brand partners. This turns a typically boring process (saving) into something that's enjoyable.

Reward yourself with mimble.



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Chad Huber
Chad HuberMaker@therealchuber · Entrepreneur. Founder at mimble.co
Hey all, I’m Chad, a co-founder and the CEO of Mimble. At our core, we believe that money is a tool and a means to an end, but not the end goal. We built this product because we got tired of having money being about money, not about life. By focusing money around saving for goals, like vacations, we’re able to give higher rewards than credit cards without going into debt. We’re really excited to be launching soon and would love to have your feedback. Thank you for helping us build the best product possible! PS – if you’re in PDX and want to give some feedback in person (drinks on us) let me know!