Million Women's Voices

Because every woman deserves to share her story.

This is a tough week for all of us. On Friday, we will swear in a President who has continually perpetuated hate, attacked minorities, and spewed a pile of sexist garbage. To be honest, it scares the sh*t out of us… but it also gets us fired up. That's pretty much how the idea for came about. This project was a partnership between all of us at Wildfang and some of the top creatives and builders from Ziba Design and Uncorked Studios. Definitely a labor of love—everyone volunteered their time and spent nights and weekends to make this happen! The platform is basically a place for ALL women to tell their stories in their own words and make their voices heard. We're pretty damn proud of it. I hope you all give it a try... would love to hear your stories, too. xx Ems