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Hassle-free authentic photos to embed in your site

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Hi everyone, it’s Ido here, I’m one of million eyez co-founders. @benln tnx for the hunt! Why million eyez? We’ve built million eyez to enrich the web with authentic photos from around the world. Basically, with million eyez you can visually enrich your site / blog, by creating & using photo collections that are powered by the community. How million eyez works? - You can Embed Photoboxes or individual photos in your blog or site for free. - You can create your own Photobox and ask for the photos you need. - You can upload your own photos. We would love to hear your feedback and answer any question. Thanks a million, Ido and the million eyez team
Sounds like a very interesting product. I'm a huge believer in authentic footage. Are you looking to tap into video as well?
@yoavush thanks - I totally agree - authentic photos are much more engaging and interesting. The idea is that anyone can also join and take part and upload photos, so if you embed a gallery it grows over time. About video - yes, it's on our list, but we still believe that a photo is worth a thousand words...