Million Dollar Map

Geographic spin on the Million Dollar Homepage concept

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Haha - awesome! I like this idea, although not sure on the whole 'conquer'? I tried to buy Wales, UK which looked open but it wasn't, much to my disappointment... If you want some strange part of this and have money you are happy to use as a 'Marketing Expense' - take it for a whirl :)
@bentossell Thanks Ben for starting the conversation! :) Apparently, Wales has already been 'Reserved for Free' when you tried to conquer it. Now it belongs to its current owner until someone is willing to pay for it.
@dfberi I mentioned in my comment about a similar issue to what @joostschuur mentioned... I do think that it should be re-worded. Especially in the current environment we live in. A fun product though :)
@bentossell aaah, I see, I misunderstood what you meant by that. I'll think about it, I definitely don't mean any harm.
@dfberi oh of course not! But many things, especially over the interwebs, can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way. It was just a heads up thing :)
Seriously? "The Next Million Dollar Homepage" is probably the absolute lowest bar we can possibly set as a technology community. Happy to be the the dissenting, vocal opinion on this one. (Unless the entire map is covered in charities, who are receiving all of the proceeds.)
Apparently, I can 'conquer' Raqqa, Syria. Awkward.
In all seriousness, there's a whole layer of political and cultural complexities involved in applying the Million Dollar Pixel concept to a real world map.
@joostschuur Thanks Joost for raising this issue. We will do everything to keep things clean and peaceful on Million Dollar Map. 'Conquering' a territory implies no more basically than advertising a valid service/product on the surface of that territory. Prior to appearing on the map, we will review the requests, so no harmful content can go live. Should we make a mistake we encourage anyone to report it at, and we will delete the advertising in question. Please have a look at our 'Keep it Clean' policy on our site (you'll have to scroll down a bit):
@joostschuur The internet is certainty not a "safe space".
Great, most of the UK is taken over by an estate agent. typical.
@hashir first come, first served :) but England is just "reserved", which means you can conquer it any time by paying a one-time fee and it will be yours permanently ;)
Quite interesting, i like it. I remember the pixel pages that someone started and you could buy ad space per pixel and it was huge because it hadn't been done before and there was a frenzy of attention but why would anyone come to this site and use it? I'm just interested. It's cool and all and its a cool use of a map but why? Is there a bigger picture i'm not seeing yet? Anyways, i do love it...i've always been a fan of map and my site, is based on another map, MapMe so i enjoy this visual display of information.
@themelamini Hi Melanie, it is a valid question, thanks:) The original website was definitely new and creative, that made the media jump on it and created the market value for the website itself. This is something we are trying to re-create and also tried to add some extra for the Visitors (besides satisfying your curiosity to see who conquered bigger landmarks;). The first $10,000 we make from selling territories on Million Dollar Map will be given back to Visitors, you can enter 2 contests for free (=no purchase required). See them here: #Referral Contest: #Deserted5 Contest: