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Lincoln Murphy
Lincoln MurphyHunterHiring@lincolnmurphy · Customer Success Consultant
Okay, so there are like a million startup podcasts out there, but Million Dollar Insights is different. If you're looking for discussions on how to use metrics and data-centric methods to help you grow your SaaS business, this is a must-listen.
Cara Hogan
Cara HoganMaker@carahogan27 · Content Marketing Strategist @Zaius
Thanks so much @lincolnmurphy for hunting the podcast! It's great to hear that I'm succeeding in differentiating this podcast by focusing on data. When I started a few months ago, that was my goal - to find out how data can drive businesses growth. Since then, I've interviewed thought leaders like you, Jason Lemkin, Jill Konrath, Mark Roberge, and Mamoon Hamid on their areas of expertise. Every interview always comes back to how you can use the data to invest in startups, drive sales results, or keep your customers engaged. Our newest episode (posted this morning) is with former Google engineer and entrepreneur Alberto Savoia, who coined the term "pretotyping." He explains how pretotyping can help businesses find product-market fit faster and with less investment up-front. I really enjoyed talking with him, and learning more about how to measure market response to your product. We have some great guests coming up on the horizon, as well! We post every two weeks on Tuesday.