An all-in-one workspace for all your tasks, notes and ideas

Million is an all-in-one workspace for all your tasks, notes and important ideas. Use lists, kanbans, charts, tables and dozens of other elements to supercharge your daily productivity.
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Love the design, very postmodern and minimalist. The low res images under "Elements" and "Dropbox" on the landing page take away from that value prop for me though. Just thought I'd mention it
@christopher_lee4 Thanks Christopher. I'll update those right now.
@noagld No problem. By the way seeing as you just launched I have a market research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them! You could ask e.g. "How often do you organize and track your notes and ideas?" Anyway If you want to give it a shot I'll pass you $12 in free credits - just message me over intercom with which email you signed up with. Best of luck otherwise!
@christopher_lee4 That sounds very useful. Thanks for the offer. I'll be sure to contact you if I use the service.
Hey PH, I created Million as all-in-one solution to the millions of notes, tasks, plans and ideas we all have but never know how to organize and track. After nearly a year in development Million is ready to launch. Million is supported on macOS, Windows and Linux and can be synced across all of your devices. All feedback and criticism is welcome. I hope Million makes your life easier and you enjoy using it everyday. Thank you ProductHunt community.
@noagld Nice work! What do you think Million can do moving forward to differentiate itself from competitors like Notion or even Coda?
@nasiscoe Thanks Nick. I'm glad you asked this. Million's main advantages to users: - Cost effective (one time payment for lifetime use with support across all of their devices) - Diversity of elements (the roadmap currently has over 60+ elements to help with the basic tasks but also cover all those edge case productivity tasks) - Platform support (a lot of Linux users often complain about not having desktop support which I wanted to address) - External data integration ( third party apis from other services are good to integrate but external data (cryptocurrency prices, news feeds, etc.) allows users to source all their content and info in one place) - "Free" collaboration (possibly) ( currently looking into using WebRTC and other technologies to allow teams to collaborate without need for a subscription) - Simplicity ( the complexity of Million is in the organization of your spaces, pages and blocks while the elements themselves remain simple and easy to use) - Privacy (only users have access to their data and can export/import their entire Million database at any time)
@noagld Looks cool - is a separate license needed for each OS?
@hemanth_soni Thanks Hemanth. You can purchase once and use Million on all of your devices
@nasiscoe @noagld cost effective is debatable. I'd rather just do a trial / small monthly fee than pay $100 up front like this. I'm sure you have all kinds of reasons to do it this way...but I think you'll be better off giving people a free trial or going to a lightweight monthly sub.
@noa Great idea. Just tried it out. It's what Evernote should be. However it needs to mature and be accessible on mobile before before it's valuable enough to warrant the price tag. I just tried to cancel. However, when I email you I get "Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.". Please advise.
@noelburkman Thanks for your feedback Noel. I appreciate you seeing so much potential in this. I'm working on adding more elements and features to make Million the best it can be. I've gotten the request for a mobile app from others as well. I'm going to add it to the roadmap now that I'm seeing some serious interest. The majority of user feedback so far is in favor of switching the payment model to a lower monthly/yearly subscription and offering cloud storage of user data. This would also allow for a web version. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks for notifying me of the email issue I'll see what's causing it. Send me a message on here with the email you used to purchase and I'll process your refund right now. Thanks again.
This is beautiful - Like Peach, Dropbox & Trello had a baby. @noagld
Looks amazing! Does it support any hotkeys? For those of us who'd prefer not to use the mouse :P
@teachtyler Hey Tyler, Thanks for the positive feedback. That's a great idea. Currently Million does not support it but I'll add that to the list of features. Thanks for the suggestion.