A new kind of giving.

Millie is a mobile app for charitable giving. Each week, we match you with new nonprofits personalized to your giving habits and you choose where your philanthropy dollars go with a simple swipe.
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Hi, PH! I’m Rachel, the founder of Millie ( Millie is a charitable giving app that connects people with the nonprofits they care about. 🤦‍♀️When I looked back at my own giving in 2018, I felt like a fraud. I didn’t donate to causes I was passionate about, but instead gave most of the money I had set aside for charity to peer campaigns run by friends. I wanted to be thoughtful about where I allocate my charitable dollars, and to easily connect with the organizations I’m backing. And so Millie was born. 💡Each week, we match you with three nonprofits geared towards your demonstrated giving habits. When you find one you support, simply swipe to donate. It’s that simple. 💃About Me: product designer by trade, I’m based in Boston and backed by a rockstar team. We are so proud to be partnered with 100+ of the top nonprofits in the U.S. and their work motivates us every day. 🥰🙏👇Have thoughts about Millie? We’d absolutely love your feedback and questions! Ask away.
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I get easily overwhelmed with the incredible number of nonprofits out there. 1.5 Million!? I love that Millie does the matching for me, while still giving me multiple nonprofit options to choose from. So much fun!!
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@diksha_thach I agree!! I love how easy Millie makes it to donate to organizations that I care about. It makes it an enjoyable experience that I look forward to each month. Thanks Millie :)
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@diksha_thach so glad you're enjoying!!!
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@gabriella_reiter made our day!! 🥰
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Is android in the pipeline? Everyone should have access to this!
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We have introduced Millie as a reward in our Brownie Points corporate reward program. Customers love it because they can donate the money to the charity of their choice not one the company designates to match to


love gifting money w/ clever cards on app for any occasion-esp great way to teach kids about giving


Looking forward to searching all us non profits -says its coming soon

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One of my favorite parts about Millie is reading the personal stories that come directly from the nonprofits and the people they have impacted. Millie doesn’t speak for these organizations - it gives them a platform to speak for themselves!
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@kathryn_tatum so glad you're enjoying those personal stories -- they are so compelling and show the human impact ❤️
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