Millennials to Snake People

Replace every mention of 'millennials' with 'snake people'

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Jackson G Fall
@jacksonfall · Uh
Made my Monday morning.
Mack Flavelle
@mackflavelle ·
This is top three PH products of all time.
Harry Hope
@harryh0pe · Web + App Developer
As a snake person, I approve.
Vaibhav Mallya
@mallyvai · Founder,
This is hilariously comprehensive: Serpent Society Caduceus Cult Tannin's Horde also show up (as replacements for, "Generation Y", "Generation We", "Generation 9/11", etc).
Jacob Hobbie
@linkchef · Student
I'm slightly humored and most of all relieved. People talk about us waaaaay too much.
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