Mille for German

Learn German words and pronunciation

Mille is an app that consists of the 1,000 most common German words.

Each flashcard includes one German word and one expression (click on the card to see the translation).

Pronunciation is available for every single phrase (recorded by native speakers).
Hi Mark, this sounds interesting. Any plans for an iOS version?
@amedeodamore Hi! Sorry, but Mille is not coming to iOS anytime soon :(
@markvosman Ah shame. Ok I understand. Thanks for letting me know!
Hi, congrats on your launch! Maybe it's just me but when I saw the logo I directly thought about Medium
@lucas_p Hmm... Yeah, you're right, but honestly I wasn't even thinking about Medium when designing the logo.
German is really hard to pronouce, the app really helps
Hi Mark, are there any other languages coming up?
@angeliquesocial Hi Angie! Actually, I've already developed a couple of apps for learning other languages earlier this year. Here's Mille (Spanish): And here's Mille (French):
This is really nice. Thanks for sharing and good luck.