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Milkr combines the advantage of mindmap and linear note. This is a place where to refactor multiple format information into a clearer structure.



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Orhan Bayram@orhanbayram · CPO @MenaPay
I'm using mindmeister right now but it looks better. If you can allow resizing of images, it would be definitely better :)
Thank you @orhanbayram, resizing of content blocks is already on our TODO list :)
Sherry LinMaker@sherryuuy
Thanks for hunting us, @alternatedayve. Our idea is to build a community to make information more friendly. On Milkr, you can refactor information into small chunks and share your digested contents to others. And people here can expand your content or give you some valuable feedback to make knowledge continuously growing. Milkr combines the advantages of linear note and mindmap to provide a mindmap-like (we call it “not-only-sequential”) structure to organize thoughts. Let's make more knowledge to be exchanged and reused. Please try Milkr and feel free to tell me anything. 😊
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, imperfectionist
@alternatedayve @sherryuuy would be useful to have a list view and not just mindmap.
Sherry LinMaker@sherryuuy
Thanks, @stoweboyd. We feel the same way as you :) So we also provide the "Flow" function to let authors list their mind flow.
Thanks all for trying Milkr. For those who are still hesitate to sign up: no worries! You can delete your account anytime on the `settings` page if you find that Milkr is not suitable for you :)
Manuel Frigerio@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app
Hey guys, great tool. I like it and already using it. One question: I can't seem to be able to upload images. They always fail to upload..
Thank you @mnlfrgr :) I just uploaded some images without problem, but anyways, we'll have a look at the uploading process. Thanks for your feedback :)
Yusuf Erdogan@erdogany · Software engineer, crypso
This looks cool, just the beginning I guess... If you can make the navigation as smooth as google maps, I can use this a lot...
Sherry LinMaker@sherryuuy
@erdogany We'll do our best to improve it. If you need more information about how to navigate a topic, please press "?" and you can find operation instruction and keyboard shortcuts on the help menu :) Thanks for your suggestion!
Yusuf Erdogan@erdogany · Software engineer, crypso
@sherryuuy Wouldn't making mouse wheel movements zoom in and zoom out?
@sherryuuy @erdogany Mouse wheel movements with CTRL key pressed will do zoom in/out.