Powerful people data for enterprises.

MilkBox is a data science company offering APIs and flat files for people intelligence. Use our products and associated database of 1.2 billion unique person records to build enriched or new person profiles into your apps, products, and tools.

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Getting fined by the EU in 5.. 4.. 3... This looks like a massive scam - it's a clone of their other site datawhale and their contact form is a mailchimp subscription form. i.e. they will be selling your data too.
@scotty_bowler What you have said is not true - feel free to request a demo and learn about our data products for yourself/the hundreds of customers currently using our APIs and flat files. I think you would be very impressed with our products and that ChooseHolly could benefit from our services. Cheers!
@evanstaller is the data opt in? Am I in your database?
@scotty_bowler Yes, it is opt-in and very likely you are. We have a 100 percent opt-in data union in which companies we work with consensually provide us with their data, often in the arena of 10s of millions of profiles. They have also received data consensually.
@evanstaller wow.. your partners might share data willingly but I certainly don't. Come May 25th you guys are in for a wild ride..
@scotty_bowler did you see @evan_staller's other projects? He just hunted his own product for the 10th time, with a new name today - Setup 2.0. All 10 projects are copies of his original Datawhale, and it looks like a LinkedIn scraper...
Is this a mass LinkedIn scrapper?
Great job !! Could us walkthrough your idea??
@ayush_chandra MilkBox is a data science company offering APIs and flat files for people intelligence. Companies use our products to build enriched and new person profiles into their apps, products, and tools. We have up to 100 data fields on people, including contact info, work history, education, interests/skills, location, and much more. Use cases range widely from fraud detection to digital marketing to product development.